Solar Energy Storage For Your Home or Business

Battery Backup Systems

Never be left in the dark

during an outage.

Don’t depend on an unstable conventional grid, with a home solar battery backup system, you can store solar energy for use at night, during an outage, or, to avoid peak demand charges.


A battery backup system offers independence from the utility grid.

Depending on the size of your solar battery system, your settings, and several other factors, you have the ability to power your home or business for a limited period of time.

Premier Solar Power & Backup Battery System Installations

GreenLogic has been experts in the solar industry for over 15 years. We can recommend a solar battery solution for your Long Island home or business that best meets your energy needs. We install premier brands like the Tesla Powerwall and Sonnen, explore our technology partners here.


Be Prepared for Anything With a Home Solar

Battery Backup System

The Benefits of a Solar Battery Backup System
Automatically Restore Power to Your Home

A backup battery system can detect if the power goes out and will automatically disconnect you from the grid to use stored power to power your home or business without you even noticing!

Purchase From The Grid During Off-peak Times

A battery system will release power from the battery when the energy costs are high and charge when they are low.

Solar Battery Systems Recharge Themselves

Solar Battery systems can completely recharge itself from the PV system during an outage to continue providing you with power!

The ITC Includes Batteries For A New or Existing Solar Panel System

Installing a battery on an existing solar panel system or a new one means you qualify for ITC.*

*Not included if the solar panel system is installed after.

Claim a utility rebate of up to $6,250 when you install a home backup battery system.

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We specialize in designing systems that look as good as they work. Take a look at a few of our Home, Business and New Construction installations and see for yourself!


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GreenLogic offers the very best products coupled with the very best financing and leasing options, including no money down, full financing with no interest or payments for 12 months and 5- to 20-year solar loans.


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