Wind Power

The Benefits of Wind Power

Save money

With a wind turbine, you'll produce your own electricity and control the future of your electric bill. GreenLogic's wind energy solutions are "grid-tied" and "net-metered" which means they seamlessly tie into your current utility connection and you get credit for all the power you produce. So the wind power energy you create helps power your appliances, lights and everything else plugged into your power outlets.


Spin your electric meter backwards

Reduce or even eliminate your utility bill. Excess power that you produce with your wind turbine spins your electric meter backwards and you get credit on your bill!


Use natural, clean electricity

With wind power energy, you generate no pollution or global warming. Annually, a 10 kW wind turbine, prevents 18,000 lbs. of coal from being mined, prevents 36,000 lbs. of CO2 from entering the atmosphere, keeps 12,600 gallons of water from being consumed, and keeps sulfur dioxide, nitrous oxide, mercury, and other pollutants from being released into the environment.


Take advantage of rebates & tax credits

The local utility and tax credits pay for up to 50%-75% of the system.


Stop worrying about changes in oil prices

Solar power systems significantly reduce your dependence on fossil fuels, so you don't need to be as concerned with risk of future increases in oil prices.

How it Works?

How you get electricity now: Electrical power from your utility flows from the electric grid into your home or business through a meter. The meter measures how much electricity you consume for billing purposes.

Wind turbines produce electricity

Electricity is produced from wind that turns the blades of a wind turbine creating kinetic (motion) energy. When the turbine blades capture wind energy they spin a shaft that goes from the hub of the rotor to a generator. The generator turns that rotational energy into electricity. The more intense the wind the more electricity is generated.

Using the wind power you have generated

As you need electricity, it is drawn first from the wind system. If you need more electricity than the system is generating, it is seamlessly supplemented with power from the utility connection. If you have a battery backup feature on your wind power system, it will kick in during a power outage.

Converting power

The electricity that the wind turbines produce can either be directly used in your building, sent back to the utility for credit, or placed into storage batteries for later use. To accomplish this, the power coming off the turbine goes through a device called an inverter (a box the size of a small cabinet mounted near your electric panel.) The inverter monitors the wind turbine, conditions the power so it is identical to the utility's power, and keeps track of how much electricity is produced. The inverter output is fed directly into your building's circuit panel (a.k.a. fuse box) so it can feed merge with the utility's power and feed any circuit in the building. These circuits feed all the outlets in your house with a combination of wind and normal utility power in a seamless manner.

Your meter turns backwards & saves you money

Excess power that you produce with your wind turbine spins your electric meter backwards and you get credit on your bill.

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