Here's what just a few of our happy customers have to say about GreenLogic.

"Amaden Gay Agencies experience with GreenLogic Energy was a fluid and professional experience that we have recommended to many others. GreenLogic's explanation of the solar process, design and implementation was first rate. Amaden Gay Agencies will be asking for GreenLogic's services in the near future as we expand on our solar initiative and seek to reduce our nonrenewable energy footprint"

-James P. Amaden, Amaden Gay Agencies

"Over the 40 years I have owned my home in Amagansett, GreenLogic has been the best overall contractor."

-Sidney Silverman

"From initial consultations and feasibility analysis to the complete installation, Saybrook Capital has been very pleased with the fine work of GreenLogic. As an established East End business, they worked diligently to secure the approval of Sag Harbor's Architectural Review Board, making us the 1st solar business in the village. The installation was done in a prompt and safe manner and with respect for the historic nature of the structure. Now I proudly show all clients and visitors the wonderful site of a LIPA meter running backwards! Most importantly, as a financial management firm, we can attest to the strong return on investment this system provides."

-Luke Babcock, Saybrook Capital

"Another big thanks to all who were involved in the recent installation of the solar panels at our property, for the diligence, professionalism, expertise, and efficiency demonstrated throughout the process. There is no doubt that GreenLogic has an assured successful future based on the vision of its founders and the fiber of its staff. We look forward to enjoying the benefits of the solar panels."

-Mattilde Busana and Bronwyn Guthrie

"I just want to thank you and Greenlogic Energy for your assistance in installing solar panels on my roof in Southold. I had set out to do something for the environment, at the same time "prepaying" my electric needs for the rest of my life. As it turns out, I have accomplished much more than I had set out to do, and it looks like I will finish paying off the system within the first 12-18 months. The solar panels that you installed are not only providing for all my electric needs, but also hot water through a new and energy efficient hot water heater, drying my clothes, and also heating my home through newly installed highly efficient multi-zoned electric heaters. Of course I have also implemented many other energy saving strategies, in order to conserve but also take full advantage of the solar electric. Compared to the same period last year, I have already saved over $3800 less in all my utility bills - that's just in a five month period. Oil price fluctuations have become a thing of the past for me, as the solar panels continue to capture the sun's energy and keep my home toasty and warm during the colder months, cool during the summer. Once again, thanks for your expert assistance in making this dream a reality for me and my family."

-Liliana Nealon

"An awesome group of people from a Long Island Company called GreenLogic took care of all the details, from permits to inspections to ordering all the parts. Great to work with, and it's been a joy watching our electric meter travel backwards ever since."

TJ Lepore

My first year production was 4090 Kwh, verses the predicted 3803 Kwh. Great Job!!

-Dr. Greg Letica

"I'm in the energy business, and it is important to me that my renewable energy supplier delivers as promised. I have several friends who bought solar systems from GreenLogic, and they had lots of nice things to say about the company, their installations, and the performance of their solar systems. I even had the pleasure of watching one of the GreenLogic teams install a system for one of my neighbors, their installation crew worked together so smoothly on the roof that it reminded me of a choreographed ballet.

Once I decided to buy a solar system, GreenLogic was professional from start-to-finish. From the Energy Consultant who analyzed my needs and designed my system, to the Operations Technicians that measured my roof and installed the system, to the Mechanics and Master Electrician that artfully wired my system, to the Account Managers that prepared and managed my LIPA and building department paperwork, all of them went the extra mile to provide great service and ensure my satisfaction.

The solar panels that GreenLogic installed on my front roof look so good that I'm proud that they are so visible and that all can see them. My roof wasn't all that level, but GreenLogic went to great lengths to ensure that the system was completely leveled and perfectly aligned on the roof. The Mechanics found the most discrete conduit route from the roof to the mechanical space, and then did a masterful job of wiring the inverters and the monitoring system - the installation looks like it would fit right in on an aircraft carrier.

What can else can I say? GreenLogic did a great job for me and I would not hesitate to recommend the company to anyone looking for a professional, responsive and local renewable energy supplier."

-Stephen Mellis

"First I'd like to say that the team that was here last Monday to bring the solar online was fantastic. They kept me informed, they were professional, and they left the property clean and organized right down to putting the tarp back over my leaky basement bilco door. Thanks!"

-Jared Skolnick


97 North Sea Road Suite 3, Southampton, NY 11968