Solar Pool Heater

The Benefits of a Solar Pool Heater:

Reduce/eliminate heating bill

Solar heat pump can significantly lower your pool's heating bill. When combined with a solar electric system, you can even eliminate your pool heating bill!

Reduce/eliminate the environmental impact of heating your pool

By using solar energy to heat your pool it eliminates all greenhouse gas emissions and pollution associated with traditional pool heating.

Simpler system that’s very low maintenance

No need to regularly fill your tank, this system practically runs itself.

Little to no roof space required

As little as 225 sq. feet is all that's needed to heat the average pool.

More attractive

Solar pool heating systems like the ones we install are small. They take up 75% less space than a traditional solar pool heating solutions.

How it Works?

There are 2 green ways of heating your pool. One is called solar thermal, and it consists of panels that absorb the heat of the sun's rays, heating the water for the pool. The other is a combination of an air-to-air heat pump coupled with a small solar electric system. Although both methods are better than traditional gas or oil fired heaters, a heat pump/solar electric combination provides the best cost/benefit, comfort, and maintenance profile. Here is how it works:

Heat Pump

As the pool pump circulates the swimming pool's water, the water drawn from the pool passes through a filter and the heat pump heater. The heat pump uses a liquid solution within an evaporator coil to absorb the heat from the outside air. The warm gas in the coil then passes through a compressor. The compressor increases the heat, creating a very hot gas. This heat is then transferred to the cooler pool water circulating through the heater. The heated water then returns to the pool.

Small Solar Electric System

The only energy required to power the pool heat pump is electricity, which can easily be generated from a small solar electric system that typically fits on the pool house, pergola, garage, main house, or is tucked away on your grounds. The amount of solar electric required for a typical pool is 2-3KW, which can fit on a 15'x15' roof. Solar electric systems benefit from all the same net metering, federal and state tax credits as the systems for your house.

What You Save

The savings from GreenLogic's "green" pool heating solutions depend on many factors and vary from property to property. The following example shows a comparison between a installing a new gas fired hot water heater (and associated tank) and installing GreenLogic's heat pump pool heater. This provides the best apples-to-apples comparison between the choices.


Note: Customers can also add a solar electric system to the heat pump solution which can eliminate the ongoing costs altogether.

Comparative Cost of Operation

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