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When a builder, architect or inspector needs a solar contractor for their new construction project, they turn to GreenLogic.

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For over 15 years, GreenLogic has worked with builders, contractors, and architects to design and install world-class solar panel systems on new construction homes and businesses throughout Long Island.

Solar Power Experts, 

Long Island Locals

Our talented team of energy consultants, designers, installers and customer service representatives are some of the most educated and experienced solar power professionals in the area.


We know every building department & planning board in every town on LI.

Our quality, reliability and high level of performance has made us one of the most referred solar panel companies on the Island.

We'll coordinate & provide all permits, inspections & underwriter's certificates!


Our experience and insider know-how means there will be no issues or delays on your new home construction. We understand that communication, responsiveness, and flexibility are crucial to a successful installation and a happy client. 

What Makes GreenLogic the Best-In-Class?

GreenLogic's experience, knowledge an achievemets are unparalleled.
Our Experience & Knowledge

We have won numerous industry awards for leadership, quality, and customer service including several utility Trade Ally Awards and SunPower's Residential Dealer of the Year. When you need our input on a new construction project, we’ll respond immediately and thoroughly.

We Won't Slow You Down

We work with project managers and subcontractors to keep projects on schedule and are quick to adapt when things change. Our experience working with many builders and architects on Long Island ensures a problem-free new construction solar installation.

End-to-End Project Management

Our expert team will manage every aspect of the solar panel design and solar power installation project, from initial specs to post-installation follow-up. We'll provide a wraparound warranty, perform customer walk-throughs, checkups, and site visits to ensure performance.

Meet the Partners that Help Us Shine

We partner with world-leading solar, wind, and geothermal technology providers such as SunPower in order to offer world-class materials to our clients. 

Our Service Shines Bright With the Best Products on the Market

We specialize in designing systems that look as good as they work. Take a look at a few of our solar installations and see for yourself!

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