Geothermal Power

The Benefits of Geothermal:

Save money

By tapping into the relatively constant temperature of the earth below the frost line, geothermal systems can heat and cool your home or business for 25%-50% less than traditional systems.

Heat and Cool More Efficiently 

There isn't a single more efficient HVAC technology than geothermal power. Oil and gas systems require fuel for heat and a separate air conditioning system for cooling. Geothermal provides both in one simple system.

Increase the value of your your property

Having a lower operating cost for your property increases its value. Banks are often willing to loan more money on properties with green energy savings features.

Enjoy a better looking, more comfortable system

Get rid of those ugly and noisy air conditioning units and make your property more attractive. The geothermal system is totally out of sight. (It's in your basement or utility room.) Geothermal heating is also more comfortable because it does not dry out the air as much as conventional heating.

Stop worrying about changes in oil prices

Geothermal systems significantly reduce your dependence on fossil fuels, so you don't need to be as concerned with risk of future increases in oil prices.

Reduce pollution & global warming 

Geothermal power systems produce no combustion or smoke and have the lowest emissions among all heating and cooling technologies. That helps lower greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. They're endorsed by both the US Department of Energy (DOE) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).*


*(Source: Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium, Inc., and NYSERDA)

How it Works?

Technology: Geothermal is a simple technology that uses the earth's renewable energy to provide high-efficiency heating and cooling. In winter, the system draws heat from the ground and transfers it to your home. In the summer, it extracts heat from your home and transfers it to the ground.

Hardware typically consists only of a heat pump connected to two wells: an intake and an output well. The water from the intake well is pumped through the heat exchanger, which extracts the thermal energy (cooling or heating) and then returns the water to the output well. The thermal energy is then delivered into individual rooms via standard air ducts and/or a radiant heat floor.

In the summer, the earth acts as a cooling tower. The Heat Pump loads the loop with heat, sending warmed water to be cooled by the earth. In the winter, the earth acts as the boiler. The Heat Pump extracts heat from the loop, sending cooled water to be warmed by the earth. (source:NYSERDA website)

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