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Will wind power make a comeback on the North Fork?

Wind power was once common on the North Fork and in Riverhead, where windmills were used primarily to run water pumps, said local historian Richard Wines.

Solar Array Will Put Meter In Reverse

BJ Ianfolla and her husband Andrew Reeve won’t pay for electricity anymore. At least that is their plan now that they’ve installed a new solar system at their home on Gardeners Creek.

Solar Power Sweeps Hamptons

Marc Clejan and his business partner, Nick Albukrek unveiled their new East Hampton company GREENLOGIC in May. The business partners hope to turn the Hamptons green with a suite of products including geothermal systems, biodiesel technologies, and their signature solar panels.

Ways to Lower Energy Costs and Carbon Footprint

Here, in the Going Green Column, we’ll dig into greater detail on all the diffeent ways to conserve energy and reduce your carbon footprint. Each column will cover a different green solution, including solar, geothermal, wind and pool heating choices.

Solar Homes Make Sense on Long Island

There are a number of factors that make Long Island a perfect place for solar: high utility rates, a generous rebate from LIPA, state and federal tax credits, soaring gas and oil prices, and lots of sunlight.

Green Alternatives

An East End company offers several products to create custom energy-efficient solutions for homeowners.

Alternative Energy Supporters Learn To Think Big

After years in which alternative energy grew one solar roof at a time and through small wind turbines set up in a few backyards, Long Island may be on the verge of building big renewable energy projects.

Meet the Area's Green Innovators

“They want to move the world in the right direction,” is how Marc Cléjan and Nick Albukrek, co-founders of East Hampton-based GREENLOGIC, describe their customers.

Green Ideas

America is going green, and the 2007 HC&G Idea House is no exception.

Lean & Clean

Each issue we ask a pair of experts questions about sustainability at home. For our first column we’re joined by Marc Clejan, co-founder of GreenLogic Energy, a Southampton-based alternative energy company that provides renewable energy solutions, and Sarah Beatty, founder of Green Depot, which specializes in green building supplies and eco-friendly home products with locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn and distribution centers in Mattituck and Farmingdale.

As Seen In FIT

Perhaps it was just by chance that GreenLogic Energy celebrated the opening of its fifth branch, right in the heart of Fire Island on the 40th Anniversary of Woodstock. Others might consider it fortuitous.“

Sunnytime for Solar System Installers

How tax incentives and rebates reduced Ronkonkoma homeowner Vincent Taormina's investment in solar energy. 

Green Logic Energy wins SunPower award

ast Hampton-based Green Logic Energy, Long Island’s largest and fastest growing provider of renewable energy solutions, received the “SunPower Residential Dealer of the Year” award last month at a “Solar Power International” trade show in Anaheim, California.​

GreenLogic Energy - Exceeding Expectations and Performance Projections

GreenLogic Energy (GreenLogic) rejects the notion of a one- size-fits-all energy solution and instead focuses on developing a custom renewable energy plan using the best technologies available to minimize environmental impact and maximize returns. ​

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