GreenLogic Energy -

Exceeding Expectations and

Performance Projections

US Business Executive - Fall 2012

Produced by Gilbert Michaud & Written by Camila Osorno


GreenLogic Energy (GreenLogic) rejects the notion of a one- size-fits-all energy solution and instead focuses on developing a custom renewable energy plan using the best technologies available to minimize environmental impact and maximize returns. GreenLogic is on a mission to change the renewable energy landscape with the help of a team of talented and passionate professionals who share the company's vision. Whether wind, solar or geothermal solutions, GreenLogic guarantees an innovative alternative energy solution that will stand as a testament to the power of cost-effective design.


"We want our clients to have the exact solutions they need to meet their individual objectives," asserts Marc Clejan, CEO and president of GreenLogic. GreenLogic's five area offices are peppered throughout New York, Long Island and New Jersey, allowing the team to reach residential, commercial, institutional and utility customers across the New York City metropolitan area. GreenLogic's expert team understands that not all renewable energy systems are created equal, so the company works only with the best, most reputable and proven equipment for solar, wind and geothermal installations.


The process starts with a no-cost, no-obligation evaluation where the GreenLogic team consults with the client to identify key areas of concern and set down primary objectives. An energy plan that includes a variety of proposals is developed early on, and then is whittled down to the most actionable options. A comprehensive site visit leads to a final design, allowing GreenLogic to set the wheels in motion for securing all of the permits and approvals followed by a timely installation.


Cost concerns are stated outright, but GreenLogic uses them as guidelines in developing its renewable energy solutions rather than barriers to a healthy return on investment. "We have determined that the best returns are found in the solar photovoltaic, wind and geothermal markets and for each of these we have partnered with the very best equipment manufacturers to deliver superior technologies and long life systems," adds Clejan.


Proven Performers

To that end, GreenLogic works closely with clients to offset upfront costs with state, federal and local incentive programs where applicable. The company also works with an array of banking partners to offer a variety of flexible financing options in-house. These options are specifically tailored for residential, commercial and non-profit institutions respectively, with some prioritizing minimal upfront investment and others geared toward generating immediate returns from the first day of operation.


GreenLogic's in-house engineering and design team designs systems. The company also has a dedicated team of permitting professionals that secure all utility approvals, permits and incentives, which is often one of the most complicated parts of the process. "GreenLogic has secured the first building permits for solar and wind in over 21 municipalities to date," says Clejan.

Once all of the permits are secured, GreenLogic procures all of the equipment directly from manufactures, often through exclusive relationships. At that time, the company's highly trained and certified project managers, master electricians and installation crews install the systems as well as obtain all of the inspections and underwriter's certificates.

Additionally, the company files for all manufacturer warranties and secures net meters from the local utility provider. The worry-free installation process is reinforced even after the sale, as GreenLogic stands behind its projections by providing post-installation monitoring and analysis.


"To date we have installed over 700 systems that perform at an average of 102.5 percent our forecasted output," beams Clejan. "This means our customers are actually getting more that what we promise, which to our knowledge no one else can claim."

GreenLogic pegs its combined customer savings at more than $50 million, and the energy production the equivalent of powering the Empire State Building for two years. GreenLogic placed second amongst the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing energy companies in 2010. GreenLogic fell to No. 18 in 2011, but the company managed to log a three-year growth rate of 469 percent. "We're seeing a growing trend of larger and local businesses looking to save money on their energy costs and also be more responsible and committed to green energy," expands Clejan.


Sustainable Success

GreenLogic has helped hundreds of metropolitan New York commercial clients make a very big commitment to green energy. One notable project had the team oversee the development and installation of a 39.8-kilowatt ground-mounted solar energy system at the Peconic Bay Winery in Cutchogue, N.Y. in 2010. The system became the largest ground-mounted photovoltaic system to receive a rebate through the Long Island Power Authority's Solar Entrepreneur Program, with the authority providing $97,830. The system helps the winery save roughly $9,000 on electricity costs annually, as the winery is situated in the sunniest spot in New York state.


"We have been working with the local branches of a major bank to design and construct energy-efficient and renewable-energy powered branches," adds Clejan. The design incorporates special bifacial glass panels into the canopies above the branch's drive thru that use imbedded solar modules to generate energy without losing transparency.

"We're also working with a good number of homebuilders to design net-zero energy, LEED- certified homes that will be able to produce enough energy to power the home, heat the pool and fully power an electric car," states Clejan.

These projects involve combining solar electric, solar thermal, wind and geothermal technologies. While GreenLogic provides the solar electric, solar thermal and wind power expertise, the team has developed close working relationships with the most experienced geothermal companies in the area, such as PGI Corp., which has installed hundreds of geothermal systems to date.

"These integrated designs provide homeowners with a luxurious and spacious home that consumes zero net energy from the electrical grid and uses no propane, gas or heating oil as well," says Richard Pandolfi, CEO of PGI Corp.


In addition, these designs incorporate proven technology with 25-year warranties. "With long life and ultra-low maintenance systems, homeowners can therefore kiss electric, heating, cooling and fuel bills goodbye for a lifetime, saving the homeowner hundreds of thousands of dollars over time," says Clejan.



GreenLogic has also installed many wind turbines in several communities. "Wind is new and growing steadily as people get comfortable with it and understand how much they can save," says Clejan. Even as the economy improves, Clejan hopes to see GreenLogic continue to diversify its focus into vehicle charging stations, and battery and smart grid deployment. Whichever direction the company may choose, GreenLogic Energy will be sure to find success by providing end-to-end and high-quality solutions that are guaranteed to deliver and even exceed its projections.